Welcome to National Searchlight

Direct Customers to Your Business!

Create excitment! Attract Customers! Enhance your next promotion with a 8 Hundred Million Candle-Power Beam at each store location. Be sure to make your Grand Opening, warehouse Sale or Special Event a wallopping success with the TEN MILE HIGH MESSAGE IN THE SKY!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Attention: The beautiful Beam of light draws attention for many, many miles.
  • Action: gently sweeping the horizon the light's high visibility invites people, saying "Welcome, we're open!"
  • Recognition: A recognized invitation to all shoppers, The Beam is continuously inviting new customers.
  • Efficiency: Searchlight advertising focuses attention on a precise location, pinpointing your market.
  • Economy: It's an extremely affordable way to attract the maximum localized audience.
  • Attractive: The illumination gives an appealing effect to all surroundings.
  • Convenience: The equipment is self-contained, travels anywhere, allowing great flexibility with dates, time and location.
  • Effective: The Great Beam gives immediate impact and local exposure.


Blast from the Past!